Hello, my name is François Robitaille.

This year, I have embarked on the most fun quest of my professional life.

I have decided to create a foldable gaming chair for console gamers.

Here is my story.

I love video games and getting lost in their fantastic worlds.

But, as a husband and father, my gaming time has become significantly more limited. 

So, whenever I game, I need to make it count. 

The problem is that I live in a small condo, and my couch is too far from my TV. 

It's kinda hard to get immersed in any game with that setup:

So, over time, I tried different alternatives to get closer to my TV.

I tried the kitchen chair

It's a good solution if you enjoy not feeling your legs after a few hours of gaming.  

Then, I tried my office chair.

The issue is that I work on the level below. Moving furniture frequently between floors gets tiresome.

I even purchased a floor gaming chair.

Being 6 feet tall, it quickly got uncomfortable for me.

Seeing no other option, I decided to embark on a new quest. 

The quest to build a cozy gaming chair that is easy to store!

Through an exciting journey involving chair design and brand creation, I've finally developed my ideal foldable gaming chair:

Now, the chair is only the beginning of my journey. I want to build a brand that will speak to all gamers:

The dads and moms who only have a few hours a week to game. 

The young adults who just moved into a tiny place and cannot install a large gaming setup.

The passionate creators and developers who use creativity and technical prowess to build interactive games that bring joy to millions of people every day. 

The Foldable Gaming Chair Company is more than just a chair; it's an expression of passion for video games.