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The Foldable Gaming Chair

The Foldable Gaming Chair

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🎮 Stop missing out on awesome video games because your TV is too far. Always get the best seat with our foldable gaming chair:

  • extra padding for the ultimate comfort
  • holders for gaming accessories 🎮🍷📱
  • folds and stores when you are done gaming
  • traveling bag included for gaming night out! 


Technical Specs

- Durable and water resistant 600D polyester

- Sturdy frame made of D16/13mm steel tubes

- Supports up to 300 pounds

- Stabilizer feet

- Padded back for lumbar support

- Stem wine holder

- Beverage holder

- Controller holder (can also be used to put snacks)

- Retractable headphone holder

- TFGCC carry bag included

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Height: 38.00 in

Width: 38.5 in

Depth: 22.5 in

Weight: 6.1 kgs


Height: 20.5 in

Width: 22 in

Bag with the chair stored in it

Length: 39 in

Width: 11 in

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See what our users think!

Always get the best gaming experience. Get closer to the action.

Offer the best seats to your friends.

Bring your gaming chair everywhere you go. Even at parties.

Feel the comfort of a couch, but on foldable gaming chair.

Get fully loaded on gaming accessories.

Store it when you're done.

  • Camping Chair


    Insufficient padding makes it hard to game comfortably for many hours straight.


    Not designed for your optimal gaming sessions.


    You never know when it's gonna break!


    Camping chairs are not designed to fit in a living room.

  • The Foldable Gaming Chair

    Extra padding everywhere

    There's even extra padding in the front of the seat to get into your optimal gamer stance.

    Accessories that matter

    From your headphones to your drinks, keep all your essentials close to you.


    Supports up to 350 pounds. Frame designed to be robust.


    Designed to fit everywhere you go! Carry your foldable gaming chair with style with a TFGCC designed carry bag.

Wanna know why I created The Foldable Gaming Chair?

Learn why I tested over 100 camping chairs to design The Foldable Gaming Chair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight limit?

The maximum load is 300lbs.

Is the chair water-resistant?

Yes, the chair is made with durable and water resistant 600D polyester.

How do I clean the chair?

The chairs are made with water-resistant fabric and are easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Will the chair scratch my floor?

The chair legs are designed so you can move the chair while seating on it without scratching the floor. We still recommend to add furniture pads on each legs of the chair to avoid possible scratches if there are debris between the chair and the floor.

How much will shipping cost?

Shipping costs are around $29 via FedEx Ground for one chair. Final shipping cost will be calculated on checkout at our shopping cart page, depending on your location. Also, be sure to keep a lookout for our free shipping promotions!

How long does delivery take?

Our warehouses is based in Quebec City, Canada. Under normal circumstances, please allow for up to 1 working day for your order to be processed and 2-5 working days for your package to be fulfilled and delivered, depending on your location.

What is included when I buy the chair?

The chair comes with a water resistant carry bag. Included in the bag is the chair and a thank you note with a customed drawing from a video game designer.

What is the dimension/weight of the chair?


Height: 38.00 in

Width: 38.5 in

Depth: 22.5 in

Weight: 6.1 kgs


Height: 20.5 in

Width: 22 in

Bag with the chair stored in it

Length: 39 in

Width: 11 in