Introducing: The Foldable Gaming Chair

"It's so much more comfortable than it looks at first glance and has some excellent features." - Gamesradar+

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Make the most of your gaming time.

You know, that beautiful moment when everyone in the house is sleeping.

Always get the best seat.

Win games. Be the hero among your people.

Share the love.

Treat your friends with the best seat they can get.

Store it once you're done.

Stop annoying your partner with a gaming chair in the middle of the living room.

  • "I’m very happy with my foldable gaming chair! I share a video game playspace with my kids playroom, so this is a very convenient compromise of comfort and storage. I find it very comfortable and easy to pull out and put away!

    - Shawn D.

  • "I just got it and I'm really enjoying it! Very comfy, better than any other "camping" chair I've had. And it's a great size to pack up and put away when I'm not using it"

    - Michael D.

  • "I really like this chair for gaming. It’s more comfortable than my couch and it's foldable and easy to organize."

    - Retrogaming1991

  • Camping Chair


    Insufficient padding makes it hard to game comfortably for many hours straight.


    Not designed for your optimal gaming sessions.


    You never know when it's gonna break!


    Camping chairs are not designed to fit in a living room.

  • The Foldable Gaming Chair

    Extra padding everywhere

    There's even extra padding in the front of the seat to get into your optimal gamer stance.

    Accessories that matter

    From your headphones to your drinks, keep all your essentials close to you.


    Supports up to 300 pounds. Frame designed to be robust.


    Designed to fit everywhere you go! Carry your foldable gaming chair with style with a TFGCC designed carry bag.

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